6th International Workshop on Culturally-Aware Tutoring Systems (Ekstern organisation)

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Matthias Rehm - Medlem

In the past few years, dedicated culturally-aware technologies, guidelines and methods have been proposed. Promising results are now emerging along with new exciting challenges for the AIED community. CATS2015 proposes to discuss culture and AIED from five perspectives:
- the design of acquisition-oriented systems, i.e. AIED systems to teach cultural knowledge and intercultural skills;
- enculturating AIED systems (i.e. developing both pedagogical strategies and system infrastructure mechanisms that incorporate cultural features);
- considering cultural biases in the AIED research cycle, and ways to address them;
- the design of adaptation-oriented systems, i.e. AIED systems that can be personalized overtly or automatically based on user backgrounds and contexts; and
- the impact of AIED systems on student affect, behavior, or learning, that might be attributable to cultural factors.

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Navn6th International Workshop on Culturally-Aware Tutoring Systems
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