Intersubjectivity in Interaction

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Carolin Demuth - Oplægsholder

Intersubjectivity in classroom interactions in a North-Indian preschool The present study investigates how joint understanding is achieved and maintained in classroom interactions in a North-Indian preschool. While interactional research in psychology has mainly addressed how cognition, attitudes, and accountability are discursively co-constructed, embodied practices such as touch have often been neglected. The present study addresses how intersubjectivity is achieved through embodied practices such as shepherding and the co-ordination of talk and touch in teacher’s directives (Goodwin & Cekaite, 2014; Cekaite, 2015). Several recent studies on intersubjectivity have brought attention to touch in social interaction, demonstrating that touching can be organized as orderly patterns of intercorporeal engagement (M. Goodwin, 2012; Cekaite, 2015). The study uses multimodal video analysis (C. Goodwin, 2013) and draws on a data corpus from a 3-month ethnographic study in an English-speaking preschool in Northern India. It addresses the materiality in which social interaction takes place and the affordances it provides, as well the synchronicity of various modalities of human behavior (e.g., gaze, gestures, and speech). The findings shed light on how children are socialized into culture-specific ways of behaving and relating to the world through caregiver-child interactions. In a more general sense I will discuss how this contributes to our understanding of the dialogical nature of social interaction and cultural forms of subjectivity. Cekaite, A. (2015). The Coordination of Talk and Touch in Adults Directives to Children: Touch and Social Control. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 48(2), 152-175. Goodwin, C. (2013). The co-operative, transformative organization of human action and knowledge. Journal of Pragmatics, 46(1), 8–23. Goodwin , M. & Cekaite, A. (2014). Orchestrating directive trajectories. In: Requesting in social interaction, In: P. Drew & E. Couper-Kuhlen (Eds). Requesting in social interaction, Amsterdam: John Benjamins , 2014, 1, 185-214
11 maj 201713 maj 2017

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TitelIntersubjectivity in Interaction
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