Phenomenology Seminar II

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Stine Maria Louring Nielsen - Deltager

11.10.18: PHENOMENOLOGY SEMINAR Coordinator: Stine Louring Nielsen, PhD Fellow PROGRAME 9.00-12.00 09:00 Introduction by Stine 09:10 Introduction to the history of phenomenology as philosophy Lecture by: PhD Martin Pasgaard 09:55 Break 10.00 A phenomenological approach to the study of daylight Lecture by: Architect Nanet Mathiasen 10.20 Break 10.40 On aesthetics, atmosphere and perception Lecture by: Philosopher Carsten Friberg 11:25 Break 11:30 Studying atmospheres of light in empirical contexts Lecture by: Anthropologist Stine Louring Nielsen 11:50 Discussion and Wrap Up 12:00 End of seminar Literature: M. Merleau-Ponty (1962) “Preface” in Phenomenology of Perception. New York: Routledge, pp. vii-xxiv. G. Böhme (2002) “Atmosphere as the subject matter of architecture.pdf,” in Natural History, 1st ed., P. Ursprung, Ed. Montreal: Canadian Centre for Architecture & Lars Müller Publishers, pp. 398–406.
11 okt. 2018


SeminarPhenomenology Seminar II
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