Structuring PBL around students' own projects - towards a flipped semester approach

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragKonferenceoplæg

Lars Birch Andreasen - Foredragsholder

The problem-based learning (PBL) model at Aalborg University is known for a strong emphasis on learning through students’ own projects, supporting a mix of collaboration skills and subject specific skills. it is an overall challenge to establish a better interplay between courses and students’ project work. We need a deeper understanding of how digitized learning environments may influence students’ PBL skills as well as the general semester structure of courses and projects.
17 feb. 2018

Begivenhed (Konference)

TitelPAN-PBL 2018 International Conference
AfholdelsesstedSanta Clara Unicersity
BySan Jose
Grad af anerkendelseInternational begivenhed


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