ACEuS - Aalborg Center for European Studies


ACEuS is a research group at the department of Culture and Global Studies at Aalborg University. The center focuses on the European Union (EU), its organisation and functioning, its actors and institutions as well as its role in the world. ACEuS’ mission relates directly to the strategy for the institute for Culture and Global Studies (2016-2021) and endorses it, like for instances the statement that the research of the institute is focused on changes in the global governance structures; and also the aspiration, to cooperate with national and international partners, and to work for a forceful dissemination of the research groups research results.

Concretely the center aspires to:

  • Stimulate interdisciplinary research to the highest level
  • Help securing external funding for activities and research projects
  • Contribute to the societal debate on the EU and Denmark’s role in it
  • Promote international cooperation (e.g. through RGEPS, the Research Group og European Policy studies)

Contribute to the continuous development of teaching ‘European Union’ especially at the MA programme of European Studies at Aalborg University as well as in adjoining programmes at Department of Culture and Global Studies, such as Language and International Studies and Development and International Relations.


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