CCG - Culture, Communication and Globalization

Ophørt. 01/02/2011.


The research unit Culture, Communication and Globalization is focussed on issues related to intercultural and international approaches to the ways in which culture, communication and globalization interplay with the world around us.

How does globalization influence and recreate social, political, organizational and business-oriented borders and processes, particularly with regard to cultural and communicative issues: meetings and clashes between civilizations and cultures, consumption culture and market communication in profit and non-profit settings, management and information strategies, ethnic and political movements and political culture and communication.

Central keywords for the research unit are questions of borders (physical and mental, in time and space) and crossing of these borders, questions of identity formation and projection, issues of autonomy and dependence, adaptation and influence, hierarchy and pluralism. Which new conditions play a role for which actors? Which consequences follow for whom in society, politics, organizations and markets? And how do we approach this wealth of problems and opportunities theoretically and methodologically?

The research unit is linked to the master programme Culture, Communication and Globalization


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