Center for Mobilitet og Urbane Studier


The Centre for Mobility and Urban Studies (C-MUS) at Aalborg University is a trans-disciplinary research collaboration between mobility researchers from the Humanities Faculty, Social Science Faculty and Engineering, Science and Medicine Faculty at Aalborg University.

The centre aims to contribute to mobility research at the highest international level. C-MUS contributes to the development of theories, concepts and analytical frameworks of mobility studies as well as working with empirical studies embracing disciplinary approaches from urban studies, ethnography, geography, sociology, consumer studies, media studies, discourse studies, urban design, urban planning and management, city politics, urban traffic planning and engineering, and tourism studies.


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  • Trafik & Veje

    ISSNs: 1903-7384, 1903-7384

    Dansk Vejtidsskrift ApS, Danmark


  • Byplan

    ISSNs: 0007-7658

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1602-9038



  • European Planning Studies

    ISSNs: 0965-4313, 1469-5944

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1469-5944

    Routledge, Storbritannien


  • Artikler fra Trafikdage på Aalborg Universitet

    ISSNs: 1603-9696

    Aalborg Universitet. Trafikforskningsgruppen


  • Mobilities

    ISSNs: 1745-0101

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1745-011X

    Routledge, Storbritannien


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