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Contemporary History, CHI, is a research group with a focus on a wide range of topics from the late 19th Century to today. It is a period when modern times becomes manifest; it is a period in which democratization continually is confronted by autocratic or totalitarian tendencies, and a period of industrial revolutions, the welfare state and a complete renewal of everyday life.

CHI has defined three focus areas:

  • Welfare state and modernization;
  • International organizations, transnational movements, and civic diplomacy;
  • Environment, energy and sustainability.

CHI aims to improve the research in contemporary history generally through its range of distinctive research activities, annual programme of events, and publications.

Consequently, democracy and democratization are concepts applicable to a broad range of topics and the researchers at CHI cover the following research areas:

  • Democracy and democratization in Europe during the Cold War
  • Democracy and democratization of culture and leisure time in the 20th century
  • Democracy and democratization of work since the early labour movement
  • Democracy and democratization in the welfare state
  • Democracy and left-wing political parties
  • Democratization of everyday life.

These issues are explored from a national as well as a European and a global perspective.


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