CIRCLA - Centre for Innovation and Research in Culture and Living in the Arctic


The Centre for Innovation and Research in Culture and Living in the Arctic (CIRCLA) is a research group based at the Department of Culture and Global Studies. Its purpose is to communicate, organize and support the development of Arctic-related research.

CIRCLA's geographical area of interest is the Circumpolar North (incl. Greenland, the northern parts of Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska and Russia, the North Atlantic and the Polar Sea). As regards research, the field of interest is defined broadly as Arctic Studies, but particular attention is given to research in the human sciences within the areas of social and cultural analysis, communication, culture-driven innovation, sustainable development (including tourism and management of natural and cultural heritage).


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    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1741-3206

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    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1502-2269

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  • Arctic Yearbook

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    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1475-3057

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