COB – Crossing Organisational Boundaries


We examine organisations from a societal perspective. Members of the research group contribute to the study and to the development of organisational relations between the private sector, public administration, politics and civil society. We are interested in organising as a constitutive process in society and the crucial role played by internal and external communication within that process. One area of focus is sustainable regional developments, community relations and the global implications thereof.

Dynamic organisational cultures, fluid identities, questioned legitimacies and participatory claims are some of the major challenges facing organisations in the 21st century. It is becoming increasingly difficult to establish authentic and trustworthy relations with internal and external stakeholders. We analyse the conditions under which diverse organisations that “speak different languages” deal with internal complexities and collaborate with one another. The group contributes to solutions based on theoretically-sound and empirically rigid research. We are responsive towards the needs of our partners and clients, which put us in the ideal position to provide practically relevant and sustainable solutions.


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