Computable Macroeconomic Theory

Ophørt. 31/12/2013.


The Research Group of Computable Macroeconomic Theory engages in macroeconomic research with a request, not only for computability, but also for measurability and naturally also logical consistency, as its defining theme. We purpose to compute only the computable and measure only the measurable.

Computability as a starting point brings us two parallel research agendas; on the one hand it brings us an implicit critique of existing macroeconomic theory and its applications, on the other hand it also lays the foundation for a new constructive approach to macroeconomics. 

Our research resolves around the following themes:

Foundational Critique

A Constructive Approach to Macroeconomics

  • Agent-based Computational Economics (Artificial Economics)
  • Economic Dynamics
  • Sraffian Economics

Economic Policy



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