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Confucius Institute for Innovation & Learning at Aalborg University (CI-AAU) was established under the agreement between AAU and the CI headquarters, Ministry of Education, China and also on the basis of a partnership with Beijing Normal University (BNU) in June 2009. Since its inauguration Sep, 2009, CI-AAU has been developed into a base for research, education, and knowledge dissemination as well as a platform/bridge for outreach, network building and cross-cultural collaboration.  

The core missions of CI-AAU are firstly to bridge cultural understanding and intercultural communication and learning through education and research activities, in particular, between Denmark and China; secondly, to develop innovative methodologies and pedagogies that facilitate learning and communication in international and intercultural contexts; thirdly, to facilitate intercultural, interdisciplinary and institutional context for collaboration on innovation and sustainability. To learn and to innovate are essential activities that shape our minds and give us new tools to shape the world.

CI-AAU adheres to the general principles for CI operation; at the same time, we also construct a unique profile by reflecting values and practices for which Aalborg University is renowned.  This includes the Problem-Based Learning principles that empower and motivate learners to be creative, innovative, interdisciplinary as well as having close interaction with the environment (business, community and public institutions).

Co-operation and collaboration are also essential values for CI-AAU. Internationally there are around 400 CIs and over 500 Confucius Classrooms (CCs) in the world for network and collaboration. CI-AAU focuses on collaboration with the other 6 CIs in the Nordic countries, a few others in Europe, as well as the other 6 CIs that are co-hosted by BNU, which are respectively located in Italy, U.K, Canada and the U.S. Within Denmark, CI-AAU will collaborate closely with Copenhagen Business CI and the Music CI at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen as well as industry, public entities such as libraries, hospitals and diverse educational institutions such as public schools, high schools (gymnasium), etc. Internally within AAU, CI will continue to function as a knowledge base for research, education and communication activities. One of the major focuses is to enhance its development as a cross-faculty and interdisciplinary centre.


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