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The research group for Construction Management should be considered a valuable contributor for continuous efficiency improvements by the stakeholders in the building sector. Focus for the efficiency improvements is both on the building process from idea to use and removal to the individual company in the building sector.

In collaboration with other relevant trade groups and the stakeholders of the building sector the research group for Construction Management will do research, engage in research-based teaching and development activities to draw the attention of current and potential students, companies and public institutions in the trade and society (regional, national and international).

The research group for Construction Management will continually produce and transfer knowledge and methods about Management, collaboration and processes, which increasingly entail the attendance of the needs of the stakeholders, The areas of need can be related to localisation aesthetics, physical and social functionalism, physical building conditions, including operation and maintainability, environment and work environmental conditions within implementation and operation, timing, financial conditions seen from the individual stakeholder's point of view and wishes for collaboration environment during the building process.


The most relevant competences within the research group for Construction Management are outlined below:

  • Civil Engineering

  • Construction law

  • The building process

  • Lean Construction

  • Partnering

  • Project evaluation

  • Project management

  • Project economy

  • Measuring of efficiency

  • Collaboration

  • Development projects in the construction industry

  • Value, including value management and value based management


The research group for construction management addresses research issues within management of building and construction projects and management of project based companies in the building and construction industry. This is areas such as:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Project economy
  • Value Management
  • Project Management
  • Construction law
  • Quality control
  • Etc.


The research group for Construction Management is co-ordinator on study programmes with in Construction Management. Aalborg University offers three programmes with focus on Construction Management; Master of Engineering within Construction Management (Cand.Polyt.); Cand.Scient.Techn. in Construction Management and Master of Engineering in Building and Management.

Our Work in Practice

We participate in national and international research activities via networks, conferences, journals etc. We continually develop the study programme in Construction Management and other sector-relevant study programmes where project collaboration with companies are part of the programme. Furthermore we participate in collaboration with the actors of the building sector, and lastly we participate in relevant appointments committees, editorial boards, examiner activities etc.


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