Danish Centre for Philosophy and Science Studies (CPS)

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CPS is a 15 year old independent problem based and multidisciplinary research centre at Aalborg University. The backbone of the centre is research networks. These networks produce scientific reports, conferences, seminars and different kind of international activities. Much work is done in scientific research projects.

Basic working areas are:

  • theoretical and applied Philosophy
  • theory of science
  • health philosophy and technology in medicine
  • central aspects of psychology, psychiatry and learning
  • ethics

CPS reflects human activities in general and research in specifics.

The perspective is: Can we do better? Can we improve the basic understanding of what we do? What is it we do, and what understanding does it reflect? What are the values created and the values destroyed by our activities? Do we do what is best for human existence? - Thus improvement must be always considered a possibility. Science cannot be content with the existing ideas and solutions. Maybe practice can be satisfied and content, but the idea of science is to improve understanding further.

The way people live, the way we organize society - can it be improved or do we live in the best possible world, as once Leibniz suggested? The philosophical perspective is that it can always be improved. The obligation of the philosopher is to contribute to this process.



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