Database, programming and web technologies


Database, programming and web technologies is one of the three research groups at the Department of Computer Science. The group covers


  * Data-intensive systems

  * Programming

  * Web science and engineering


In the area of data-intensive systems, substantial research concerns aspects of Big Data. Central research topics include temporal, spatial, and spatio-temporal data management, and mobile data management; additional prominent topics include business intelligence, data analytics, data warehousing, data integration, OLAP, multidimensional databases, and data mining. Within these topics, the research covers modeling and database design, data models, query processing, indexing, and applications.


In the area of programming technology the research concerns general-purpose programming languages as well as special-purpose languages, e.g., for embedded, real-time, mobile, parallel, distributed, and data-intensive systems. Studies also cover theories, environments and tool support for program development and analysis.


In the area of web science and engineering, the research concerns web personalization, web data management and querying, recommender systems, semantic web and (linked) open data, information retrieval, web and social media mining, web engineering, and knowledge mining and integration. The research also extends to digital humanities and computational social science.


The research approach is primarily constructive: theoretically well-founded, purposeful artefacts such as frameworks, data structures, indexes, algorithms, languages, tools, and systems are prototyped and subjected to empirical study. Further, the research is mostly driven by current and anticipated future real-world applications, with primary application areas being intelligent transport systems, web querying, logistics, energy grids, and healthcare.


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