Distributed and Embedded Systems

Ophørt. 30/06/2016. Afløst af Distributed, Embedded and Intelligent Systems


The research areas of the unit include

  • Semantic theories for the behaviour of computer programs and systems
  • Algorithms, methods and tools for verification and validation of programs and systems
  • Theory, design, structure and implementation of distributed systems and networks

Each of the above areas of research constitutes a subject in its own right. However, the areas are also interrelated in the sense that

  • Semantic models are necessary prerequisites for the development of verification algorithms. Moreover, they offer important guidelines for the development of paradigms and languages for distributed systems.
  • Experience gained from the development of verification and validation tools provides new insight into the underlying semantic models. Furthermore, the algorithms employed by such tools are applied in environments for the construction and analysis of distributed systems.
  • Distributed systems expose the limits of verification algorithms. Also, the introduction of new paradigms and languages for distributed systems provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of existing semantic models.

Current research activities include

  • Semantic theories of concurrency and nondeterminism, mobile processes, hybrid and real-time systems and the study of the precise relationship between these theories.
  • Verification of state/event based systems; model checking; algorithms and tools for the verification and testing of hybrid and real-time systems; applications to protocols and computer-based systems.
  • Paradigms, environments, coordination languages and protocols for the implementation and analysis of real-time distributed systems and networks; performance evaluation and testing of such systems.

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