Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior


This research group studies the dynamics of organizations. The main focus is on the relationship between individuals and teams on the one hand and the organizational dynamics of founding, change and long run competitive performance on the other. This includes studies of demography, population ecology, motivation, personality, health, social networks, diversity and social comparison. Drawing on research from economics, psychology and sociology, this group is dedicated to enhancing a cross-disciplinary understanding of organizations, how individuals affect them, and how individuals are affected by the dynamics within and between organizations.


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  • Industrial and Corporate Change

    ISSN'er: 0960-6491

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1464-3650

    Oxford University Press, Storbritannien


  • Management Science

    ISSN'er: 0025-1909

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1526-5501

    Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (I N F O R M S), USA


  • Small Business Economics

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    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1573-0913

    Springer, USA


  • European Management Review

    ISSN'er: 1740-4754

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1740-4762

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  • Administrative Science Quarterly

    ISSN'er: 0001-8392

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1930-3815

    SAGE Publications, USA


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