GRS - Global Refugee Studies


The aim of the Global Refugee Studies (GRS) research group is to create new theoretical, empirical and methodological knowledge about the main causes and consequences of, and possible solutions to the problems of refugees and other victims of forced displacement. The normative and ethical premise is that such people in flight are human beings with serious problems rather than human beings as problems.

Relevant topics include the following:

  • Life as a forcefully displaced person
  • Repatriation, rehabilitation, resettlement and rebuilding local, national and regional communities
  • Refugee policies of various countries, including Denmark
  • Links between environmental factors (including climate change) and forced displacement
  • Links between armed conflicts and refugee flows
  • Humanitarian action and actors
  • Refugee camps
  • Diasporas

The group is multidisciplinary and its membership ranges from Political Science, International Relations and Law to Anthropology – and it is open to researchers from other academic disciplines.   

The main output is publication via “academic” channels such as articles in peer reviewed journals and monographs, but the project also organises seminars and similar events as well as contributing to the public debate in Denmark and elsewhere. It also serves as the research foundation of the study programme Global Refugee Studies.  


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  • Politiken

    ISSN'er: 0907-1814

    Politikens Forlag, Danmark


  • Raeson

    ISSN'er: 1902-2255

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1602-7930

    Raeson Medier, Danmark


  • Ethnos

    ISSN'er: 0014-1844, 1469-588X

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1469-588X

    Routledge, Storbritannien


  • Torture

    ISSN'er: 1018-8185

    Yderligere søgbare ISSNs (Elektroniske): 1997-3322

    International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims


  • Foreign Policy Research Centre Journal

    ISSN'er: 2277-2464

    Foreign Policy Research Centre, Delhi, Indien


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