I C Learning

Ophørt. 31/12/2017.


The name of the group is “I C Learning”, where the ‘I’ stands for International, Intercultural, Innovative, Interdisciplinary, and ICT-mediated; - and ‘C’ stands for Culture.

  • Aim: To research on learning and innovation in relation to culture and language pedagogy in a globalized context in relation to diverse levels of educational institutions as well as different types of organizations.
  • Theoretical framework: a framework that combines learning theories, and theories on language, culture, learning, and pedagogy, and theories on innovation and the use of media in relation to education and learning.
  • Methodology: diverse research approaches including both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as case study, action research, anthropology and ethnography, designed-based research, survey, etc.
  • Target groups and research fields: Various kinds of formal as well as non-formal learning contexts, i.e. all levels of educational institutions from primary schools, to high schools, university, and others (e.g. university college, adult education – evening schools, etc.); different types of culture related institutions and activities, and in relation to organizations, companies and networks.


International research partners:

  • Shi  Jiannong, Professor in Innovation and Creativity,  Institute of Psychology, Academy of Science, China
  • Liu  Baocun, Professor, Director of Research Center for Comparative Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University
  • Chen Li, Professor in Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Dean of Academic Programs, Beijing Normal University

Team leaders: Annnie Aarup Jensen and Xiangyun Du


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