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The research field is development and use of computerised systems in organisational contexts. The research approach is empirical and experimental. The types of results include Theoretical frameworks as contributions to understanding the field Methodologies and techniques as contributions to guiding practical action Changes as contributions to improving practice within the field. The research combines an interest in software systems with an interest in the organisational issues of information systems lately supplemented with an interest in human-centred issues.

The research is based on and makes contributions to the intersection between software engineering (as traditionally known within computer science) and information systems (as traditionally known within business administration); lately this has been supplemented with human-computer interaction.

Intellectual support is sought in adjacent disciplines: engineering, systems science, organisation theory, sociaology, media science, theory of research, and philosophy. The research approaches applied by the unit encompass action research, case research, laboratory experiments, and field experiments. The research is based on an interpretative paradigm.

The target of the research is the professional practitioner working with the development and use of IT in the broadest sense. That includes systems development, systems use, IT management, and use of IT in innovation and change. To contribute to the professionalisation of the IT field it is assumed that the research must address the technical aspects of systems integrated with their human, organisational, and social contexts. The research thus seeks to improve professionals' ability to engineer systems as well as their ability to plan and manage effective organisational interventions.


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