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Acting Head of Department Lise Busk Kofoed and Hans Jørgen Andersen

The interest of this section is the fusion of new media technologies to develop an understanding of the technological as well as social potentials for next generation technology such as human-computer interfaces for computer games, digital homes and advanced human-computer communication.

The core expertise of this section lies presently on the visual and on the acoustic media. The department has sections in Copenhagen, Esbjerg and Aalborg. It belongs to the Faculty of Engineering and Science.


The staff of the section provides teaching for the Medialogy and Engineering Science Programs on the bachelor as well as on the master level.


The section is involved in several Ph.D. programs that are concerned with image, sound and signal processing. The programs are run under the International Doctoral School at the Faculty of Engineering ans Science.


The broad field of this section is reflected in the research, which is concerned, among other topics, with

1) Analysis

2) Recognition

3) Synthesis of humans, actions and sounds.


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