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International Business Centre (IBC) started in 1984 and has so far educated about 2.000 graduates holding top positions in international companies in most parts of the world. Our Centre currently runs the MSc International Business, the MSc International Marketing and the BSc Economics and Business Administration programmes at Aalborg University. These programmes are taught in English and using a student centred and problem/project based pedagogy.

Our vision is to be the key player in the development and dissemination of curriculum materials, cases and research on international business issues related to the developed, developing and emerging market economies.

Our Centre houses African Journal of Economic and Management Studies. To access our full list of publications portfolio, please go to IBC Publications list.

Our faculty members do research in the following areas:

We have built research partnership with leading scholars and universities in the USA, the U.K. as well as in Asia (China, Vietnam) and Africa (Ghana and Tanzania). We also encourage partnerships between the centre and global companies such as Grundfos and Danfoss.


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