The LEO group is a research group at the Department of Social Studies and Organization, Aalborg University. LEO is short for Labour markets, Education and Organization, which are the main fields of research covered by the group. Within these fields, members of the group do research on the following topics:

Labour Markets: National industrial relations systems, labour market policies, employment and citizenship, skills and technology in the labour process, human resource management.

Education: Education as a social institution, educational policy, education and work, socialization and the life cycle, learning and cognition, peace education, educational evaluation.

Organization: Organizational culture and technological change, organizational learning, user influence in welfare institutions, trade union membership.

It should be emphasized that the LEO group also takes an interest in more general theoretical questions raised by research in these fields. Examples of such questions are the significance of class and gender, links between social integration and systems integration, relationships between scientific knowledge and everyday knowledge. The approach is interdisciplinary, but draws on classical and contemporary sociological theory.

The core of the LEO group consists of 8 tenured researchers and a number of researchers and Ph.D. students in the Department of Social Studies and Organization. Part of the collaboration within the group consists of exchanging information and discussing the work done by the individual members. But members of the group also collaborate on specific research projects, both within basic research and evaluation research. Besides the core group, LEO has an open network of researchers and graduate students interested in the topics taken up by the group. In 1995, the LEO group started the issue of a series of working papers, the LEO-Serien


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