Mechanical Systems and Mechatronics

Ophørt. 31/12/2016.


The mission of the group is to define and enhance the education and research in the field of mechanical systems by integrating mechanical design and control systems to design and build machines that are intelligent and sustainable.

The vision of the group is to be a leader in the education of next generation of mechanical engineers to meet the industrial challenges in electro-mechanical systems; To advance mechatronics research to be on the level recognized nationally and internationally.


The motivation in the research group is to:

  • Increased need from industry on multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills on the design of mechatronic products
  • Increasing demands for human-centred intelligent systems and robots
  • Missing link between the fundamental mechanics researches and their applications in industry and society


The group has expertise in the dynamics, integrated design and control of mechanical systems in the areas including:

  • Machine element
  • mechanisms
  • design methodology
  • rigid and flexible multibody dynamics
  • experiments of mechanical systems
  • modelling and simulation technique
  • scheduling of robotic manipulations
  • vibrations, system identification
  • sensors and actuators
  • system control
  • design of special robotic systems 


The group has internal collaboration with the Robotics and Automation Group (adaptive systems), Biomechanics, structural mechanics, among others.

The group has external collaboration with Electronics Systems, Engergy Technology, AoD (ID) from Aalborg University and international collaboration with McGill University, Agder University, Ecole Centrale Nantes.


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