Multimodal Interactive Experiences


Multimodal Interactive Experiences (MIE) is a research cluster that aims at exploring the combination of different input and output modalities in interactive applications. The cluster combines several competences on isolated sensory modalities available in the Architecture, Design and Media Technology department (sound technology, computer graphics and visualization, haptic technologies), as well as human computer interaction and interaction design research to investigate the combination among the different senses both in the real and the virtual world.

The research of the cluster has the following objectives:

  • Research and development of technologies for audio, haptic and visual feedback.
  • Research of input devices to track human motion in real and virtual environments, using both custom made interfaces embedded with sensors, mobile devices and commercial motion capture systems.
  • Evaluation of multimodal interfaces from a user centred approach.
  • Applications oriented towards virtual reality installations and mobile technologies, in the fields of interactive arts, entertainment, education, telerobotics, wearable computing, service design and/or rehabilitation.
  • Applications for shared remote interactions in multimodal environments, using the facilities present both in Aalborg and in Copenhagen.

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