RGEPS - Research Group for European Studies



To promote interdisciplinary research in EU-policy (broadly understood and including the EU’s foreign affairs), to intensify scholarly exchange between the members and to spread knowledge of developments in the European Union. RGEPS is closely linked to the MEIA Erasmus Program.

Founding members

University Institute of European Studies (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Centre for Comparative Integration Studies, Department of Cultural and Global Studies (Aalborg University), Centre for European Studies (Department of Public Administration, University of Twente), Division of Political Science - Department of Management and Engineering (University of Linköping).


A research board consisting of a representative from each partner unit will lead the consortium. Aalborg conducts the secretarial function and daily administration (hosting and up-dating homepage etc.).


  • At least one annual seminar is planed, organized by the members on a rotating basis. The next to be held in Linköping, November 2012
  • Staff and PhD- exchange
  • Writing and sending out policy briefs on current EU-developments
  • In due time to apply for joint funding of PhD-scholarships and other research funding on an exchange basis. 


Department of Culture and Global Studies (AAU) will provide secretarial assistance; this includes making a homepage and updating it, making and updating a mailing list as well as sending out newsletters.


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