Transdisciplinary Research Creation and Knowledge


Architecture, design, and media technologies increasingly become sensor, data, and computation-driven. These emerging new technologies bring along new challenges that the traditional disciplines and approaches are not well equipped to meet. For example, affective interactive devices enabled by emerging digital fabrication technologies pose substantial challenges, where researchers must consider the entire stack from low-level hardware through software all the way to the human factors.  

In response to these challenges, the Transdisciplinary Research Creation and Knowledge (TRACK) research group conducts transdisciplinary basic and applied research on human perception, cognition, and performance, in highly-complex design spaces. The basic research focus is in understanding affective states, aesthetic experience, movement and coordinated action, and performative expression of humans; individually or in small group settings. The applied research focus is on developing, designing, and evaluating interactive applications by the use of sensors, computation, and closed-loop, multimodal feedback. Most importantly, TRACK also focuses on the transdisciplinary communication and collaboration excellence.


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