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The Urban design - Transformation research group is part of the urban design research area, affiliated the section of Architecture and Urban design. The research group is defined as one of four research groups in the section of Architecture and Urban Design and has a flat hierarchy inviting relevant and interested researchers into the group. Common for the members of this research group is their joint interest in architecture, urban design and urban and rural landscapes. Transformation related to landscapes, spaces and architecture is a key element within urban design, and during more than 10 years, the research group has conducted research regarding the transformation of the built environment into new urban futures. Transformation relates to that of re-making urban environments that adapts to the contemporary urban, climatically and societal and cultural challenges, examined at a variety of scales, utilizing a spectrum of methods and illuminated by a number of different perspectives. In this perspective, sites are never empty but are in continuously transformation into new futures. Thus, the goal of this research group is to contribute to the making of future urban spaces, architecture and landscapes through a critical, social-minded urban design research.   Thus, the transformation research group conducts research on the transformative act of cities and landscapes where that of understanding the continuous transformation of the built environment both looking at the contemporary situation and the future urban development; bringing forth knowledge on theories, methodologies and design interventions. Hence, the research group contributes to the understanding and theorization of contemporary urbanity as well as proposing new analytical lenses and methodologies in order to address new futures for urban and landscape development. Thus, the research seeks to identify problems and potentials of various transformation processes, impacts and situations.

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