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CCWS - Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies
Center for Opinion og Analyse
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Christian Albrekt Larsen (CAL) has specialised in the question of how to build social coherent societies in open economies and multicultural settings. The academic work of CAL demonstrates that the institutional structure behind the “Nordic model” still provides a promising answer to this fundamental question of social science. Internationally CAL is best known for his work on how institutions, especially universal welfare schemes, enhance public support for anti-poverty policies and social trust. In 2006 CAL published “The institutional logic of welfare attitudes: How welfare regimes influence public support” (Ashgate 2006), which has been highly influential in the field of comparative opinion research. The book was followed by “The rise and fall of social cohesion. Constructing and de-constructing social trust in the US, UK, Sweden and Denmark” (Oxford University Press, 2013), which theorizes why social trust declines in some post-industrial societies while it increases in others. In the national Danish context CAL has contributed with two books about long term unemployment (2003, 2009, co-authored), two books about national identity and attitudes to migrants (2008, 2016), a book about the politics of welfare reforms (2004, co-authored) and a book about universalism (2015, co-authored). The issue of migration and assimilation into Northern European host countries is prominent in CALs current project portfolio. CAL has received a Danish Sapere Aude II research leader elite grant (2012-2015) and a Fulbright grant (2015-2016). CAL is a member of the Danish national research council for social science (2015 – 2019).

Personal information:
Born 10 March 1975, Denmark (Danish citizen). Married. Three children.

2010 - : Professor, Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies, Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark.

Degrees and employment:
2014: Doctoral degree in Sociology (dr.scient.soc), AAU.
2005: PhD degree in Political Science, AAU
2000: Master in Public Administration, AAU, one semester at Osnabrück University, Germany.
2008 - 2010: Associate Professor, Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies, AAU.
2005 - 2008: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Politics and Public Administration, AAU.
2003 - 2005: PhD at Department of Economics, Politics and Public Administration, AAU.
2001 - 2003: Research Assistant, Magtudredning [National power investigation], AAU.
2000 - 2001: Research Assistant, Nordic marginalisation project, AAU.

Larger research grants:
2018 - 2021: Global flows of migrants and their impact on North European welfare state. PI (AAU strategy grant 9.000.000 DKK).
2015 - 2018: Migrants’ welfare state attitudes, Danish PI (NORFACE grant 3,134,250 DKK).
2015 - 2018: Welfare State Futures, Danish CO-PI (NORFACE grant 2,251,605 DKK).
2011 - 2015: The Nordic Models and its contemporary inhabitants. Exploring Stability and Change from a micro perspective. National Sapere Aude grant for young elite research leader, PI (National Research Council 4,900,000 DKK).
2008 - 2011: Social capital and underclass phenomena. PI (Velux Foundation 1,600,000 DKK).
2005 - 2009: Economic incentives and barriers among long-term unemployed. The Danish strategic welfare research programme, member of applying research group (Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Employment).
2007 - 2009: Danish election study, member of applying research group (National Research Council).
2005 - 2008: Danish Welfare Architecture in a Comparative Perspective: Challenges, Constraints, Possibilities, member of the applying research group (National Research Council).

Smaller research grants:
2011 - 2014: Danish national survey infra structure. Part of the applying research group. Head of the subtask on online access (
2006 - 2007: Project leader for the establishment of (Danish Ministry of Education).

International and national networks:
2013 - : Member of Sino-Danish Center,
2013 - : Member of LIVES , Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research,
2006 – 2011: Member of Network of Excellence (NoE) of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) on “Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe (RECWOWE)”. Head of a subtask, together with Professor Giuliano Bonoli, Switzerland.
2007 - 2011: Member of Nordic Centre of Excellence of the Nordforsk programme on “Reassessing the Nordic Welfare Mode”.
2000 - : Member of the Danish International Social Survey Programme (ISSP).
2009 - 2011: Member of the Board, National Association for Political Science.

Longer visits to international research centres:
2015 - 2016: US, Hunter College, City University, New York. Fulbright grant (November to June).
2005 - 2005: Australia: Social Policy Research Centre, Sydney (September to December).
2004 - 2004: Italy: European University Institute, Florence (January to March).

Teaching activities:
2009: Named teacher of the year at Aalborg University
2000 - : Bachelor and Master’s classes in political science, AAU, Master’s classes in Social work, AAU, Master’s classes in Public management and Social development in China (Sino-Danish Centre Beijing).

Review activities:
2000 - : Regular used by Comparative Politics (US), Comparative Political Studies (US), American Political Science Review (US), Journal of European Social Policy (UK) Ashgate Publishing (UK), Acta Sociologica, Scandinavian Journal of Political Science etc.
2007 - : Aalborg University Press (Board member).
2003 - : Politica. Tidskrift for politisk videnskab (Board member).
2005 - 2007: Tidskriftet Grus (Board member).

Experience as PhD supervisor:
2017 - 2020: Magnus Andersen: Human capital and childcare investment: A comparative study of Western countries and China (co-supervised by Linxiu Zhang).
2011 - 2015: Andreas Pihl Kjærgaard: Nordic attitudes to income inequalities (completed).
2011 - 2015: Troels Fage Hedegaard: Nordic attitudes to the welfare state (completed).
2010 - : Thomas Engel Dejgaard: Private health insurance and institutional change (on leave)
2009 - 2011: Karen Nielsen Breidahl: Labour market integration policies in the Scandinavian countries: Why do these policies differ between Denmark, Norway and Sweden? (completed)
2009 - 2011: Martin B. Carstensen: The politics of incremental ideational change (completed)

Experiences in PhD assessment committees:
2017: Cecilia Bruzelius. The local governance of European social citizenship (Oxford University).
2016: Tijs Laenen: The social legitimacy of targeted welfare. How conditional and generous should social solidarity be in the pubic's eye? (KU Leuven).
2016: Erik Gahner Larsen. Government Policies and Public Opinion: How and When Government Policies Matter for Mass Political Behavior (University of Southern Denmark).
2016: Anders Bøggild Christensens. Social polarisering i Aarhus Kommune 1983-2007 i et uligheds- og medborgerskabsperspektiv [Social polarisation in Aarhus Municipality, 1983-2007, in a inequality and citizenship perspective] (Aalborg University, head of committee).
2015: Kristian Kongshøj: Social citizenship in China and the Nordic countries. Amorphous welfare states and their normative foundations. (Aalborg University, head of committee).
2014: Finn Amby: Målgruppen der forsvandt - En analyse af handicapområdets position i dansk beskæftigelsespolitik og betingelserne for, at ledige med handicap kan komme i ordinær beskæftigelse [The target group that disappeared – an analysis of disability and Danish employment policy]. (Aalborg University, head of committee).
2014: Anna Diop-Chistensen: The effects of welfare and labour market institutions on the labour market outcomes of immigrants in Europe. (Aalborg University, head of committee).
2014: Iben Nørup: Arbejde og sygdom – og om at være en del af fællesskabet [Work and sickness – on being a part of the community]. (Aalborg University, head of committee).
2010: Lis Holm Petersen: Gensidighedens betingelser – en teoretisk og empirisk analyse af holdninger til pensionsydelser [The conditions of reciprocity - a theoretical and empirical analysis of attitudes towards pension benefits] (University of Southern Denmark).
2010: Ditte Shamshiri-Petersen: Holdnings- og partiskift blandt danske vælgere på basis af paneldata [Attitude and party shifts among Danish voters – based on panel data]. (Aalborg University: Head of committee).
2009: Maria Solevid: Voices from the welfare state. Dissatisfaction and political action in Sweden (Gothenburg University).

Other research assessment experiences:
2015 - 2019: Member of the Danish Council for Independent Research/Social Sciences.
2014 - 2015: Head of Centre for Comparative Welfare Studies. Around 20 members.