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Claus Leth Bak


  • Institut for Energiteknik
  • Det Ingeniør- og Naturvidenskabelige Fakultet
  • Elektriske anlæg
Pontoppidanstræde 111
Aalborg Ø


Telefon: 9940 9281

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Full Professor Claus Leth Bak


22 years of highly specialized experience within power system and high voltage technology of theoretical, experimental and practical issues. 5 years of engineering practice in transmission systems as well as 17 years of wide teaching and research experience in academia. His teaching has been acknowledged in evaluation studies from both students and industry. He has been nominated as lecturer of the year six times.

A very deep research experience within electric power transmission systems, especially related to electric power system transient studies, power system protection and high voltage studies related to corona discharge and audible noise phenomena for overhead lines at transmission level. He is an expert in transmission underground cable electric performance.

• He manages the Energy Technology PhD program at the Department of Energy Technology with +100 PhD students
• He manages and co-manages several research projects and PhD’s at the Department of Energy Technology.
• He is as the Head of the Section of Electric Power Systems and High Voltage at the department of Energy Technology and a member of the management team of the department
• He is a member of the PhD board of the faculty of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University
• He is the head of research program “Modern Power Transmission Systems

• 1989-1992 Bachelor electrical power engineering, Ingeniørhøjskolen Århus Teknikum (stærkstrøm)
• 1992-1994 Master of science in electrical power engineering, Aalborg University (Cand. Polyt.)
• 1994-1999 Nordjyllandsværket power plant and transmission, project manager substations and relays
• 1999-2002 Assistant professor in dept. of Energy Technology
• 2002-2004 Research Associate professor in dept. of Energy Technology
• 2004-2011 Associate professor in dept. of Energy Technology
• 2015 PhD degree “EHV/HV underground cables in the transmission system”, Aalborg University.
• 2011-2016 Professor with special responsibilities (MSO) in dept. of Energy Technology
• 2016-present Full Professor in electric power systems and high voltage in dept. of Energy Technology

PhD main supervisor for 13 PhD’s, PhD co-supervisor for 13 PhD’s and PhD guest supervisor for 9 PhD’s in Energy
Technology. Has supervised 5 industrial PhD’s.

MSc supervisor for +40 Masters Theses and +8 Bachelors theses


• Main organizer of Cigré 2019 International Symposium in Aalborg, Denmark
• Cigré National committee member for Denmark
• Cigré Study Comittee C4 member
• Cigré Study Comittee C4 AG member
• Cigré study committee B5 member (from 2016)
• Cigre Symposium Lund 2015 Chairman of session
• Nord-Is technical committee member and session chair
• IEEE Senior Member
• Member of the board of representatives for Energimuseet
• Reviewer for IEEE transactions, Journal of EPSR, IET and conferences (+60 reviews)
• Head of the Energy Technology PhD Program at Aalborg University +100 PhD’s
• Head of Section of Electric Power Systems and High Voltage at the Department of Energy Technology
• Chairman of the board for Lodsejersammenslutningen Hammer Bakker
• Driftsleder (Stærkstrømsbekendtgørelsen) in the MV laboratory

Selected publications

Total number of publications is approximately 200. These are to be found in

1. Efficient Approach for Harmonic Resonance Identification of Large Wind Power Plants, E. Ebrahimzadeh, X. Wang, F. Blaabjerg and C. Leth Bak, PEDG 2016, BEST PAPER AWARD
2. Assessment of Lightning Shielding Performance of a 400 kV Double-Circuit Fully Composite Pylon, T. Jahangiri, C. Leth Bak, F. Faria da Silva, B. Endahl, J. Holbøll, Cigré General Session 2016
3. Distance protection impedance measurement for inhomogeneous multi-circuit 400/150 kV transmission lines with shared towers, DPSP 2016.
4. EHV/HV underground cables in the transmission network, PhD thesis, Aalborg University, 2015.
5. High Voltage AC underground cable systems for power transmission - a review of the Danish experience, part 1 and part 2, 26 pages in total, C. Leth Bak and F. Faria da Silva, Journal of Electric power System Research, 2016.
6. Distance protection of cross-bonded transmission cable-systems, C. Leth Bak and C. Flytkjær Jensen, BEST PAPER AWARD, Developments in Power System Protection, IET DPSP 2014
7. Electromagnetic Transients in Power Cables, F. Faria da Silva, C. Leth Bak, book 228 pages, Springer 2013, ISBN 978-1-4471-5235-4
8. Statistical Distribution of Energization Overvoltages of EHV Cables, T. Ohno, A. Ametani, C. Leth Bak et al., IEEE transactions on Power Delivery 2013
9. Study of Harmonics in Cable-based Transmission Networks, F. Faria da Silva, C. Leth Bak, P. Balle Holst, Cigré 2012
10. Derivation of Theoretical Formulas of the Frequency Component Contained in the Overvoltage Related to Long EHV Cables, T. Ohno, C. L. Bak, A. Ametani, W. Wiechowski, T. K. Sørensen, IEEE trans. Power delivery, Vol. 27, no.2, April 2012
11. Back-to-Back Energization of a 60kV Cable Network - Inrush Currents Phenomenon by F. Faria da Silva, Claus L. Bak, M. Lind Hansen, 07-2010 Proceedings of the PES General Meeting 2010. IEEE 6 p.
12. Field test and simulation of a 400 kV crossbonded cable system, U.S. Gudmundsdottir, B. Gustavsen, C.L. Bak, W. Wiechowski, F. Faria da Silva, I E E E Transactions on Power Delivery 2010.
13. Full scale test on a 100 km, 150 kV AC cable, F. Faria da Silva, C.L. Bak, W. Wiechowski, U.S. Gudmundsdottir, Cigré conference Paris 2010.
14. Methods to minimize zero-missing phenomena, F. Faria da Silva, C.L. Bak, W. Wiechowski, U.S. Gudmundsdottir, M.R. Knardrupgård, I E E E Transactions on Power Delivery 2010.
15. Line differential protection scheme modeling for underground 420 kV cable systems – EMTDC/PSCAD relays modeling, M. Sztykiel, C.L. Bak, W. Wiechowski, S. Dollerup, MEPS 2010 symposium.
16. Measurements for validation of high voltage underground cable modeling, U.S. Gudmundsdottir, C.L. Bak, W. Wiechowski, K. Søgaard, M.R. Knardrupgård, IPST 2009.
17. Overvoltage protection of large power transformers – A real life study case, C.L. Bak, K.E. Einarsdottir, E. Andresson, J.M. Rasmussen, J. Lykkegård, W. Wiechowski, I E E E Transactions on Power Delivery 2008.
18. Analysis and simulation of switching surge generation when disconnecting a combined 400 kV cable/overhead line with shunt reactor, C.L. Bak, W. Wiechowski, K. Søgård, S.D. Mikkelsen, IPST 2007.
19. Overhead line measurements and calculation model for snow and frosty mist, C.L. Bak, S.D. Mikkelsen, C. Jensen, ISH 2005.
20. An improved model for the calculation of the electrical onset in gas insulated medium inhomogeneous gaps, C.L. Bak, B. Bak-Jensen, J.T. Sørensen, ISEI conference, DEIS 2002.