Kasper Rodil


1. Undervisnings-CV: Oversigt over undervisnings- og vejledningsopgaver med angivelse af fagområder, omfang, niveau (BA, kandidat, EVU, Ph.d) samt evt. censoropgaver.

(2012 - ): I have a key role in the planning and supervision of first year students enrolled in the Medialogy study programme (Technical Faculty of IT and Design), and introducing them to Problem-Based-Learning through group project work.
I have since 2012 supervised and co-supervised on all semesters on the Medialogy study programme. 32 group projects on B.Sc.-level and 3 group projects on M.Sc.-level.

(2011): Supervision to Softw. Eng. Honors students at the Namibia University of Science and Technology. Since 2012 I have supervised a handfull of Honor and Master students conducting projects in relation to my dissertation work.

3D graphics and game Mechanics (2011).
1 full Lecture series (+ examination) in 3D modeling and game engine programming for a class of Softw. Eng. Honors at Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Audio-Visual Sketching (2012 - ).
Cross-campus coordinator (+ examinator) and lecturer on a full course on 1st. semester Medialogy.

(2013+2014): 1 lecture given to B.Sc students at Techno-Anthropology (Dept. Phil. and Learning) about Participatory Design in indigenous contexts.

Ethnographically Informed Design (2017 - ).
Cross-campus coordinator (examinator) and lecturer on 6th. semester Medialogy.

2. Studieadministration: Oversigt over studieadministrative opgaver, eksempelvis medlem af studienævn, studieleder, semesterkoordinator, fagkoordinator, akkreditering m.v.

Spring 2016: Coordinating 6th Semester Medialogy dit svar her...

3. Universitetspædagogiske kvalifikationsforløb: Oversigt over gennemførte universitetspædagogiske kursusforløb, PBL-kurser, workshops, udviklingsprojekter, kollegial supervision o.l.

Skriv dCurrently enrolled in AAU Adjunct Pedagogicum and experienced in AAU PBL. it svar her...

4. Anden form for kvalificering: Konferencedeltagelse, debatindlæg, oplæg m.v. i relation til uddannelse, "Undervisningens dag", o.l.

SkrInstitutional member ASLERD (Association for Smart Learning Ecosystem and Regional Development)iv dit svar her...

5. Undervisningsudviklingsforløb og undervisningsmateriale: Oversigt over medvirken til udvikling af nye moduler, undervisningsmateriale, uddannelser, e-learning, samarbejde med eksterne samarbejdspartnere o.l.

Developing the course 'ethnographically Informed Design' 6th. semester Medialogy. Developing the course 'Audio Visual Sketching' 1st. semester Medialogy. Developed and taught a 12 lecture course for Softw.Eng. Honours at Namibia University of Science & Technology.

6. Nominering til og/eller modtagelse af undervisningspriser.


7. Evt. personlige refleksioner og initiativer: Personlige overvejelser knyttet til undervisning og vejledning, ønsker til og planer for pædagogisk videreudvikling, planer for opfølgning på undervisningsevalueringer m.v.

I have together with colleagues initiated a track for 6th to 10th sem. Medialogy students, who work with aspects of HCI in 'learning-teaching with tech' and 'tech in healthcare and welfare', which we call Interaction Lab. The purpose is for students across semesters to collaborate and work on topics and real challenges which are relevant to them all. For instance, the students meet and discuss their experiences and learnings about the concept of 'context' within design practice and their own projects. These learner-centred activities are supported by shorter and condensated lectures together with a dialogical group-based discussion format around these themes. Another point of the lab is to connect topics and students vertically, as we prioritize continuity in external collaborations.

It is an ambition to enhance the use of 'flipped classrooms' in AVS. Primarily because I wish to explore other means of instruction than the current modus of traditional lecturing and indi. + group-based assignments.

8. Andet.

I emphasize the importance of student projects being supported (and supporting current departmental research projects) and are completed with external partners. reagrding the latter I draw from a personal network of i.e healthcare institutions to support students.
In 2017 I initiate an Erasmus agreement with KU Leuwen (Belgium) to support our students working with technology design in welfare projects.