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“Grid Converter for LED based intelligent light sources” – INLED Project - The project is focused on hardware and digital control design for single phase switched mode power supplies with two-stage power factor correction (boost, interleaved-boost, flyback, forward, phase-shifted-full-bridge converters) using integrated microprocessor (Microchip dsPIC). The main goal of the project was to reach high efficiency using small sized and cost effective electric and magnetic components and prove the feasibility of digital control in such applications. Orcad/Allegro and Altium Designer software were used for PCB design; simulations are elaborated in Matlab/Simulink and Plecs. For the firmware development Microchip MPLAB compiler was used. Pros and cons of implementing digital control compared to the state of the art analog solutions for high frequency switched mode power supplies were discussed. Digital fuzzy logic controller was proposed for output voltage control.
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