Polymer welding

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New insights of polymer welding processes.

Many products consisting of plastic parts are put together by different polymer types held together by welding. Limitations in the welding processes are determined by which polymers can actually be welded together, which sets the stage for a research project based on the question:

What are the mechanisms that will ensure a bond of suitable strength between two different polymers?

This immediately calls for a definition of "suitable strength". A typical requirement for a welding is that the strength of the weld zone is greater than or equal to the strength of either of the two materials being welded together.

If an understanding of the mechanisms responsible for producing a suitable welding can be obtained, it is then the purpose to use this knowledge for designing new weld processes that will weld together otherwise non-compatible polymer materials.

A research project focused on answering the question highlighted above has been funded by "The Danish Strategic Research Council" and has participants from both Aalborg University, University of Copenhagen, FORCE Institute, Technological Institute, Novo Nordisk and Coloplast. The project "Expanding the weld compatibility of plastics" is running for 4 years and began in 2009

Project partners

Laser-welding and heat-welding experiments with subsequent testing of the welded specimens.

Novo Nordisk
Laser-welding experiments and analysis with available microscopy techniques, possibly CT-scanning.

Aalborg University
Test methods and modeling of the experimental data.

University of Copenhagen
Synthesis of laser dyes and compatibilizers for welding. Analysis with atomic force microscopy and other techniques.

FORCE Technology
Welding experiments and microscopy of weld zones. Measurements of solubility parameters.

Technological Institute
Welding experiments and microscopy of weld zones. Test of weldings

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