Composition dependence of spontaneous crystallization of phosphosilicate glass melts during cooling

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Crystallization behavior of alumino-phospho-silicate melts during cooling is studied by means of the differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffractometry and viscometry. The results show a pronounced impact of alkaline earth oxide, alkali oxide and fluoride on the crystal type and crystallization degree. It is found that adding NaF into the studied compositions slightly decreases melt fragility and improves both the glass-forming ability and melt workability. This effect is associated with the unique structural role of NaF compared to the other modifier oxides. It is also found that the onset viscosity of crystallization can be used as a parameter for describing both glass-forming ability and melt workability.
TidsskriftGlass Technology-European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part A
Antal sider5

ID: 70859461