Design of New Nordic Pasta

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The wave
The Danish nature is characterized by the rough oceans that capture Denmark, which has been an inspiration for this pasta-design.
The Wave is supposed to be the base of a new Nordic meal that creates experiences and surprises on the journey through the meal.

The Boiled sweet
The pasta captures the the experience of taste in each single piece of the boiled sweet, that associates to pearls in a row. It creates a meal that is divided sharply into pieces and creates a simplicity and pureness on the plate like the Nordic designers like it. The colors of the stuffing are struggling to get out through the holes in the pasta which makes the guests interested and curious in the meal.

This pasta-design is based on the clash between the Italian and the Danish culture. The simplicity and sharpness of the Danish design meets the soft and curved Italian design with the sharp edge and the soft and curved interior. This synergy creates spaces for food and experience of taste as the pipes will be filled with sauces as the chef wishes and will become icons on the plate.
Udgivelsesdato11 jul. 2012
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KonferenceEuroscience Open Forum 2012


  • Pasta, Nordic, New Nordic Kitchen, Design, Food Design


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