Enabling information sharing in a port

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Ports are integral parts of many supply chains and are as such a contributing
factor to the overall efficiency of the supply chain. Ports are also dynamic
entities where things changes continuously. The dynamic nature of ports
is also a problem when trying to optimise the utilisation of resources and ensure
a low lead-time. Information sharing is a very important tool to reduce the effect
of dynamism. This paper attempts to explain how information sharing is
enabled in such an environment, and which considerations are relevant, both in
regards to the information and required technology. The paper highlights trust,
availability of data and complexity of solutions and technology as being the
main hurdles.
TitelProceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems 2012, Rhodes, Greece, 2012.
Antal sider8
Udgivelsesdato24 sep 2012


KonferenceInternational Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems (APMS)

ID: 71487907