GIS-based Multi-Criteria Analysis of Wind Farm Development

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Due to the negative impact on the environment of traditional powergenerating methods, especially coal and oil-fired power stations wind power has increased in popularity. Achieving the goal set by the EU due to the implementation of the Kyoto protocol will require further expansion, and in order to facilitate this process around the Baltic Sea. A project – Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea Region - financed by EU / INTERREG III B was initiated in order to develop methods and tools to support spatial planning in relation to wind energy. The aim of the current study is to develop multi-criteria evaluations, which can provide tools for analysing the complex trade-offs between choice alternatives with different environmental and socio-economic impacts. The weaknesses of the Boolean logic have been recognised in recent years and a fuzzy logic approach is applied in the system design. The developed methodology is based on data form Northern Jutland, but later on this kind of multi-criteria will be used in the in Finland and Estonia.
TitelScanGis 2005 : Proceedings of the 10th Scandinavian Research Conference on Geographical Information Science
RedaktørerHans Hauska, Håvard Tveite
UdgiverDepartment of Planning and Environment
ISBN (trykt)9173231266


KonferenceScanGIS 2005 : Scandinavian Research Conference on Geographical Information Science


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