Musik & Demens. Musikaktiviteter og musikterapi med demensramte

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With support from the ministry of social health and in collaboration with Aalborg University, Institute for music and music therapy, the book ?Music & Dementia? is a documentation of the application of music and music therapy in dementia care. The book might be of interest for professionals and relatives with an interest in activities or treatment with dementia sufferers. The material consists of three parts. Part 1 gives instructions of music activities or music therapy with persons with dementia with references to relevant literature. Part 2 elaborates on subjects such as assessment, music therapy in palliative care, constructive regression, neurological aspects, and music therapy treatment. In part 3 follows a literature review focussing on 73 studies on music and dementia, their methodological design, and on the function of the music.
UdgiverSocialministeriets indsats for demente. Formidlingscenter Nord
Antal sider218
ISBN (trykt)8791082110


  • Musikterapi, Musikaktiviteter, Demente, Litteraturgennemgang, Musik som kommunikation, Livskvalitet

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