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The focus of study of the Culture and Consumption Research Group is symbolic aspects of consumption, in both everyday consumption and when mundane consumption is replaced by the extraordinary (special occasions, vacations).  A special interest is taken in cross-cultural, local and  global perspectives in this area of study.

The research group adheres to interpretive approaches to the study of culture and consumption and in line with the perspective of Consumer Culture Theory, seeing consumption as social and cultural phenomena rather than psychological and purely economic phenomena.

Research interests are related to all sorts of consumption and how consumption is embedded in social relations and identity creation. A strong focus is on the consumers' perceptions and uses of goods and services, but marketplace communication (advertising and promotion of various types and through various media) across and within markets are studied, too.

The research is interdisciplinary, and approaches the study of consumption from a broad array of mainly qualitative research methodologies.

Recent and ongoing research topics include:

  • who consumers think they are, how they decide on what to buy, what they fear, how they negotiate with them selves and with their partners and children
  • how and why they consume certain types of food, vacations and places, shoppingmalls, fun parks and social media
  • how markets communicate with their target groups

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