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Former organisational unit. 31/12/2017. Replaced by Processer og Læring i Organisationer

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CLIO is a research centre under the Department of Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University. The main purpose of the centre is to conduct research in learning and knowledge based organisational change focusing on the interplay between organisational development and learning processes, knowledge and teaching. Particular focus is on learning, intervention and other types of support for learning, as well as on the implementation, evaluation and application of knowledge, within both the individual organisation and in the framework of inter-organisational networks.

Head of Centre: Professor Erik Laursen

Research themes

Specific research themes within the centre include:

Implementation of knowledge in organisations

Research is conducted on organisational learning processes in which organisations obtain knowledge and skills from external sources in order to apply the acquired knowledge to achieve specific goals; this may include both direct implementation and adaptation of knowledge and skills developed and applied outside the organisation and more indirect situations in which members of staff are further educated or new members of staff, who already possess the required skills, are recruited. An essential research issue in the context of the latter is transfer of skills, i.e. the exploration of the ways in which skills acquired within formal educational courses are transferred and applied.in practice.

Head of Research Group: Professor Erik Laursen

Evaluation and organisational learning capacity

This field of research comprises evaluation capacity building in organisations in an organisational learning perspective. This includes evaluation processes involving managers, staff members and users with the purpose of enhancing the effect of public welfare services. Furthermore, research activities focus on the development of evaluation models and the methodological challenges related to this area of research.

Head of Research Group: Professor (with specific responsibilities) Hanne Kathrine Krogstrup

Management development and the development of the psychosocial work environment in organisations

This field of research includes the following two sub-themes:

1. Management development

This research theme is delimited to management training in organisations and development of management skills for example in collaboration with external providers of consulting services, courses and education. Management is to be understood in a broad sense comprising both management of cross-organisational partnerships, such as public-private partnerships, management in both private and public organisations and management at all levels of the management hierarchy.

2. Development of the psychosocial work environment

The focus is organisational learning in relation to the formal and informal processes which occur in organisations and which change the psychosocial work environment. The psychosocial work environment is understood as the subjective way of dealing with objective workloads.

Head of Research Group: Associate Professor Søren Frimann



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