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Translational Research in Neuroscience & Engineering



Translational research in neuroscience and engineering is the primary focus of SMI. The aim is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the areas of pain, motor control, sports sciences, and rehabilitation.

SMI is an international research and training center with 50% of the staff coming from abroad, and the working language is English. The research center is operating under Department of Health Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University.

SMI is headed by Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen (co-founder).


Organisation of research

Interdisciplinarity, international cooperation, and committed and dedicated researchers are the core resources of SMI. The interdisciplinarity is illustrated by a diversity of research areas. 

The research is organised in the following Research Interest Groups (RIG):


The International Doctoral School in Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology offers Ph.D. programmes within the research areas of SMI and other closely related biomedical areas.

The School is headed by Associate Professor Carsten Dahl Mørch. 

In 2006, the School was awarded a grant from The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to start a doctoral programme for elite students.

Further information at the webpage of the Doctoral School.



Based on grants from the North Jutland Region and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation SMI launched an innovation programme in 2006. The aim is to develop SMI research results into commercial products in co-operation with biomedical and pharmacological industry. 

In 2011 Eir Business Park was established by means from the European Regional Development Fund, Aalborg University and the North Denmark Region.

Further information about innovation.



Participation in networks within biomedical science, neuroscience, and clinical disciplines is of major importance to SMI.
The established research co-operation and partnerships with a wide range of research centres, hospitals, and companies constitute a substantial resource for SMI.
Currently, co-operation includes more than 40 organisations in 15 countries and 20 national and international companies.


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