Centre for Youth Research

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Leader of the Research Centre: Noemi Katznelson

Traditions fall apart. Young people's behaviour, consciousness and identity are in many ways different from those of previous generations. Now, a complex pattern of change sets its mark on educational institutions, democratic organisations and on the labour market. 

Our objectives are to:

  • Decode these patterns and changes by initiating research with a focus on youth, and with young participants
  • Gather and coordinate the existing Danish youth research
  • Communicate youth research to a wider audience consisting of educational institutions, decision-makers, organisations and other interested parties
  • Document young people's attitudes, behaviour and conditions through statistic material.

The Centre for Youth Research (Cefu) presently works in five areas from primarily sociological, cultural anthropological, pedagogical and socio-psychological angles. The five areas of interest are: Youth and work, youth and education, youth and democracy, youth and marginalization, youth, health and lifestyle.


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