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Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN) was established in the fall of 2012 and conducts experimental research in several areas of interests such as perception and attention, emotions, body awareness, executive functions, visual memory, and consciousness. Research is directed on both healthy participants and patients with a variety of neuropsychological disorders.

In spite of such varieties in the exact topic of investigation, all aspects of research share the goal to provide research where developments at one “level of description” sheds light on our understanding of phenomena at different levels of description.

Research is conducted by applying a wide range of methodological tools including behavioral measures, neuroimaging techniques such as EEG/ERPs and fMRI, eye-tracking, autonomic responses, animal models, and clinical neuropsychological assessment. The use of recent advanced technology such as augmented reality is also applied to study interrelations between brain, mind and behavior.

The center operates in close collaboration with its associated research centers and institutes here in Denmark, SMI – Aalborg, CNRU – Aarhus, and UCN and ReCBIR – Copenhagen. Members of CCN will in most cases also be member of one or more of the associated centers.


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