Electric Power Systems

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The section Electric Power Systems offers research expertise within three main areas, namely in the fields of Electric Power Systems, High Voltage Technology and in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

Electric Power Systems
In the field of Electric Power Systems, the main topic is network modelling with focus on power quality, harmonic transmission of currents and voltages, interruptions due to faults, relay protection, FACTS and CUPS, transient stability, network-planning, connection of decentralised power production units to the network grid and simulation of the network with different simulation tools.

High Voltage Technology
Concerning High Voltage Technology, the section is working with modelling of discharge phenomena, modelling of electrical breakdowns in gasses, models for corona and flashover, high voltage components and diagnostic methods for transformers and generators. Furthermore, the section focuses on insulation and partial discharge problems, including lightning protection and counting.

Electromagnetic Compatibility
In the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility, the work is concentrated on conducted interference and over voltage protection. The section has well-equipped laboratories at its disposal.

Research Mission
The research mission for all the section’s topics is to secure and optimise the power system reliability and to ensure that the power quality follows the current standards and demands at all times. 


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