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Research Group, "Foodscapes, Innovation and Networks (Fine)" works with research within food, meals, health and food systems. Based on the international Food Studies research environment are all aspects of the value chain "from farm to fork on a sustainable basis" involved.




The concept Foodscapes (food landscape) are central to the research group's work; it covers a whole perspective on the encounter between people, organizational structures, physical environment and technology that by our experiences is essential if innovation processes and interventions are to have a lasting effect; it applies regardless of whether the case clout in new meals- and food solutions, sustainable transition or health promotion initiatives.


Through an extensive and close cooperation with other national and international research, we ensure that we can always withdraw updated relevant knowledge in our research.


Our anchorage in Food Studies tradition means that we consistently based on that the food production and consumption must be interpreted in a physical context that beyond the purely scientific perspective must also involve both cultural history as sociological aspects. Our research is therefore based on both socio-, social and scientific approaches, using qualitative as well as quantitative data.


In our FoodscapeLab, researchers, students and "kitcheneurs" together generate ideas and develop new food and meal solutions focused on creativity, design, gastronomy and health.




FINe are responsible for the interdisciplinary graduate program in Integrated food Studies focusing on food systems, food design and public health nutrition, which since September 2012 has been offered at Aalborg University Copenhagen-campus in the South Harbor.


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