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FREIA - Feminist Research Center in Aalborg is an interdisciplinary research center at the Institute for History, International and Social Studies, Aalborg University. The approx. 10 researchers affiliated with FREIA cover the disciplines of sociology, political science, statistics, anthropology and history.

FREIA's research programme The Reconstruction of Gendered Power Relations - Equality and Diversity in modern Welfare Societies has been designated a strategic priority area at the Faculty of the Social Sciences for the period 2005-2009 as well as one of the existing core research areas at Aalborg University.

The purpose of the research programme is to elucidate changes in gendered power relations as these are linked to the challenges brought about by globalization, Europeanization, modernity and growing migration. Special emphasis is placed on the changed relations between the family, civil society, the labour market and the state.

Taking the point of departure in the two key concepts - gendered power relations and intersectionality - the focal point is the interplay between gender, class, ethnicity and generation in a historical and comparative perspective which is studies by means of two traversing themes:

1) Challenges for the European welfare states in a historical and a comparative perspective - welfare models, employment, provision (of care) and citizenship.

2) Cultural and political communities, identities and forms of expression - locally/regionally, nationally and globally.

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The researchers at FREIA teach at various study programmes at the Faculty of the Social Sciences: The Social Sciences Basic Year; the bachelor- and graduate-level Programmes of Sociology, History, Social Science and Administration; European Studies, Culture, Communication and Globalization and master courses on "Gender and Welfare - Equality and Diversity".

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