Innovative Fisheries Management, IFM

Organisation profile

IFM is a social science research and advisory centre working with fisheries and marine management and coastal community development. In particular, IFM focuses on questions of governance within an ecosystem-based approach to marine management. IFM is specialised in crossdisciplinary collaboration and is frequently teaming up with institutions/colleagues from other disciplines in order to develop suitable solutions to the problems in question.

Current research interests

The basis for IFM’s work is the reciprocal relationship where advisory needs both guide and are informed by research and capacity building activities. IFM’s current research interests focus on fisheries co-management, the social aspects of the knowledge base for marine management, social impact assessments, and the regional perspective on coastal community development.

  1. governance and co-management
  2. the knowledge base for co-management.

Sustainability, democracy and efficiency

IFM bases its work on three fundamental values:

  • sustainability
  • democracy
  • efficiency.

IFM staff have extensive experience in fisheries and marine management, sector and master planning, policy formulation and institutional analysis encompassing issues concerning economics, political science, sociology, economic and development geography, and project administration. Research is undertaken for a broad range of clients including public authorities, institutions and organisations in both developed and developing countries.


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Most frequent journals

  • Marine Policy

    ISSNs: 0308-597X

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1872-9460

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  • ICES Journal of Marine Science

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  • International Journal of the Commons

    ISSNs: 1875-0281

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1875-0281

    Utrecht University Library Open Access Journals, Netherlands


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