Department of Energy Technology

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The Department aims to educate, conduct research and disseminate knowledge within the overall field of energy technology, covering electrical and thermal energy technology. The Department is organized in seven sections, each cooperating with industry, public institutions and universities in Denmark and abroad:

- Section of Electric Power Systems
- Section of Power Electronic Systems
- Section of Electric Machines
- Section of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems
 -Section of Fluid Mechanics and Combustion
- Section of Thermal Energy Systems
- Esbjerg Energy Section

The section of Electric Power Systems deals with the areas of production, transportation and distribution of electricity as well as diagnosing of electro technical components.

The section of Power Electronic Systems works with the construction of power electronic devices and systems with special focus on energy optimal design, integration and optimization of system performance.

The section of Electrical Machines focuses on development and design of new types of electric machines applying modern technologies and topologies.

The section of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems deals with problems regarding design and control of fluid and mechatronic systems for optimization of system performance.

The section of Fluid Mechanics and Combustion focuses on multiphase flow, combustion of complex fuels, simulation of flow and combustion processes as well as development and experimental validation of CFD based simulation models.

The section of Thermal Energy Systems works within fuel cell systems, process integration, turbine and piston machinery based systems, and energy conversion in stationary and mobile systems.

The Esbjerg Energy Section focuses on offshore research such as enhanced oil recovery and offshore wind energy systems.

The research at the Department is centered around a number of interdisciplinary research programmes continuously adapted to current needs, for example fuel cells and batteries, biomass, wind turbine systems, photovoltaic systems and thermoelectrics.

Along with the research performed by the seven sections, the Department offers PhD education within Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology. The Department also provides teaching resources to BSc and MSc programmes with special focus on the education within Power Electronics and Drives, Electrical Power System and High Voltage, Fluids and Combustion Engineering, Sustainable Energy Engineering and Electro Mechanical System Design.


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