Department of Communication and Psychology

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Head of Department: Mikael Vetner

The Department of Communication and Psychology is a large multidisciplinary department with research at a high international level, with large as well as small study programs and strong cooperative relations with the surrounding community.

The department’s research and teaching unifies and creates knowledge in order to analyze, understand, interpret, design and initiate processes, situations and products that enhance or extend the ability of people and communities to participate in society.

The interest is directed at both different processes and products that relate to the human way of (re)acting, participating and experiencing. The department has a humanistic foundation, and the activities therefore focus on human practices and the relationship between people, organizations, society, media, technologies and knowledge.

The department's professionalism is rooted in both classical and recent humanities disciplines that contain interdisciplinary competencies, and are characterized by in-depth knowledge of human beings and doings.

The Department of Communication and Psychology has a research-based approach to innovation; i.e. with new practices and products based on research aimed at solutions for the surrounding community, while at the same time unambiguously rooted in a research-based interest.


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