Urban Vibrations Lab.

Former organisational unit. 01/10/2017.

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Urban Vibrations Lab supports research that investigates vibrotactile and vibroacoustic solutions and focuses on advancing the State of the Art in Tactile Technologies that support mobility and periods of sustained use without overwhelming the user from the task at hand (e.g., being in and looking at the environment). The research and solutions focus on assistive states such as navigation by vibration cues to the body that allows the user to have modalities (hands, eyes and ears free) to interact naturally in the environment. In addition we investigate sensory states with an aim to improve calming and activating vibrotactile solutions. The systems we develop provide personalized adaptations to user’s need for information while on the move, comfortable bendable and wearable interfaces, vibration sensitivity that adapts to user levels and circumstance (such as busy environments). We address multiple user needs including animal, assistive rehabilitation, health and well-being and general leisure and quality of life.


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